Handicap Vans - Elderly Transportation for Mom and Dad

Handicap Vans for Mom or Dad

Many caregivers of elderly parents understand that Mom or Dad may still be fairly independent and want to engage in a number of outdoor environment activities, but because they're in a wheelchair, they are unable to access transportation and mobility like they used to. Considering a handicap van for use as elderly transportation by Mom or Dad may help to increase their independence, mobility, and overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

Many seniors and caregivers for seniors don't realize that fully accessorized handicap vans or wheelchair accessible vans are competitively priced with other vans, SUVs and other wheelchair accessible vehicles.Handicap vans may even be modified for drivers with limited range of motion, physically limiting capabilities, and medical conditions. Some of the most common models for wheelchair accessible vans include the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Chrysler Town and Country, both of which offer plentiful space in rear cargo holds for wheelchairs and electric scooters as well as adaptable seating, ramp access, and mobility conversions and accessories when desired.

Wheelchair accessible vans or handicapped vans offered side or rear entree and egress access and are available to carry manual as well as power ramps for easier accessibility. Such vans meet guidelines provided by the Adaptive Mobility Systems and adhere to vehicle crash test standards.

Baseline floors of handicap vans are generally lower than other standardized vans and can be converted with side entries with floors lowered up to 10 inches to access power folding ramps. Sliding doors and adjustable brake and gas pedals offer greater independence to seniors who use wheelchairs, but don't want those wheelchairs to limit their enjoyment in life, their independence, or their ability to get around.

Purchasing Handicapped Vans

Purchasing a handicap van for elderly transportation can certainly enhance Mom or Dad's life, but research your options carefully and choose the type of van that offers the special equipment, accessibility, and accessories or functions that will best meet the current and future needs of your parent.

When looking for mobility or handicapped van distributors and dealership owners check dealers through the Better Business Bureau and don't be afraid to ask questions. Decide whether you want a new handicap van, or a used one. Many dealers offer shipping of pre-used vans nationwide.

Cost considerations depend on your location, whether the van is new or used, the year it was made, its mileage, and of course, who's selling it. For example, a used 2000 Dodge Caravan may sell for roughly $15,000, while a 2010 model may range up to $50,000. On average, 2010 models of Volkswagen Routan SE vans average approximately $28,000. Costs will differ depending on whether wheelchair lifts are part of the current van accessories and what types of conversions have been made.

Hundreds of models and accessories and conversions are available for buying, trading, selling and even converting a traditional family van into use for elderly transportation by a disabled individual requiring easy access and transport of an electric or manual wheelchair and other mobility aides and accessories.


For those interested in converting a traditional family van into a wheelchair van, consider whether side access, passenger accessible side access or rear entrance is most convenient. Forward folding ramps and removable front passenger seats are often performed on vans for more spacious interior as well as easier access and egress to and from the vehicle.Other conversion factors enable the individual in the wheelchair easier transfers into the driver's seat and may offer conversions from floorboard brake and accelerator functions to those engaged with the hands on the driving column or steering wheel.

The floor or base of traditional vans are reinforced and strengthened to bear added weight of power folding ramps, heavy electric chairs and other mobility aides, as well as individuals.Conclusion

When purchasing a van to more easily offer Mom or Dad independence from one location to another or to help with the care of such an individual, make sure that conversions and operation of such vans are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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